Back to School Time

Dated: August 9 2019

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August is all about the End of Summer and Back to School. Its like another holiday for us expecially in Texas. When we here Back to School three things automatically comes to mind. 1. Tax-Free Weekend 2. Shopping Spree 3. First-Day Fashion Show. I know these 3 activities always excited me. 

Tax Free- Weekend 

The weekend right before the 1st day of School in Texas where all school suppulies, clothes and equipement are cheaper and exception of a tax. YES we're all in. Other than Christmas time I can't think of another day the malls and stores are jammed packed. We love to save and most of off SHOP.

  • Shopping Spree is for everyone in the home to gather together and carpool and shop as a family. We all take turns in the stores and departments we need and watch each other try on different out-fits. We also enjoy eating in the Food court and seeing other families participate in disorderly conduct in Public. 
  • First Day of School Fashion Show. We all know what if feels like to be dressed like a million bucks from Head to toe, and getting everyones attention as we walk into a room. We are all High-fashion Models and School is the one place to show your orginality and Fashion sense. Even Teachers have to admit on having a new outfit to wear on the 1st day of School is a traditon. 

Back to School is something that we hold dear to our hearts and celebrate as a holiday We save money, WE have a shopping Spee and we are in a Fashion Show on the 1st Day of School. Knowing this we ought to have a nice place to experiment this life with. A new home is just the thing.

Home will provide a place to hold all these memories and more. A place for everyone to get ready for the new beginnings life offers is a dream come true. 

Allow Children the right to call the house a home when they go back to School. I know I would have.

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