Info: Do you have useful data? a 5 Year history of Houston Real Estate

Dated: November 29 2020

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We all like to have info; to "be in the know". 

Learning from online sources is fine but it comes at a risk.  Do you really know all you need to know? 

Consider this:  How many deals have you actually completed?  Bought and sold more than 5 properties (personal home or investment properties)?  Completed 10?  If more than 10 then great.  You probably have this all down pat.  Anything less?  A Lot of learning with little actual practice can keep you uncertain.

Below is a study of the seasonality of single family home sales in the Houston area market over the past 5 years through the end of October 2020.  Folks who participate in this market know this...all the time.  Now you do too.  

The seasonality is clear and the trend appears relentlessly upward.  Couple that with the net positive migration to the Houston area over these years and it begins to make sense. 

Knowing what's happening in the market is always important.  Where do you get that info?  There are lots of sites out there that can give you lots of data.  Converting that data into actionable information is tricky if you don't know what matters and what doesn't count.

Often you may have the right answer but are not quite sure since you've not put that knowledge into practice.  Sound familiar?  Called "analysis paralysis".

Give me a call whenever you'd like to bounce around an idea.  Sometimes it helps to hear you're right or to get a bit more of the story so you can be sure of your thinking.

COVID-19 has had an impact, absolutely!  But really only a brief slowdown in transactions completed, in April and May 2020.  The greatest impact is not seen in the form of fewer transactions, or lower prices.  It's actually been the opposite.

COVID's greatest impact is on available inventory.  Folks are sitting still, not putting their homes on the market, so the inventory is selling out.  If you have a property to sell, now you will be listing in a very low supply environment.  Good opportunity to get a fast sale at a great price.  Food for thought.

Many properties get multiple offers.  Only 1 gets chosen so all those other folks are still looking.

As you move forward, be sure you have the data handy or know where to get it when you need it.

Have a nice day


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