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The right artwork can transform any room in a home, plus it has the unique ability to display the homeowner’s personality, character, and energy.

Because of that, choosing the right pieces can feel a bit overwhelming. Use the below guidelines to help you get started.


Find a Statement Piece

One of the easiest ways to select art for a room is by starting with one central piece. This could be a meaningful photograph, colorful painting, or eclectic print. Once you find one piece you really love, use it as an anchor and select other pieces to complement it.


Play with Colors

Often, people get caught up in the idea that artwork must match the color theme of the room it’s displayed in.  This is a great place to start but try to think outside the box and choose art in contrasting colors to catch the eye.  Implement black, white, or gray pieces too.


Be Selective with Size & Placement

When selecting artwork for a room, knowing where it will be placed on the wall can help determine sizing.  A good rule of thumb:

·       pieces of art should be hung about 57 to 60 inches from the ground

·       leave 6 to 8 inches between them and the top of furniture


Try a Gallery Wall

If you have a large wall begging to be filled, a gallery wall could be a great option. This allows you to incorporate a lot of different pieces in one place. Your gallery wall could contain artwork and images of the same texture, color, and material or you can mix and match different prints, photographs, décor pieces, and frames.

Here’s a quick Google search for the term “Gallery Wall” to give you some ideas…

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