Gleannloch Farms - Trend and Current Snapshot as of May 8 2022

Dated: May 8 2022

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When you're looking to buy or sell property in a given neighborhood, it's best to know what's been going on over time and if the home you own or are looking to buy is priced well.  The trends helps.  Pair this with the latest relevant data, and you have meaningful information to work with.

What area interests you most?  Let me know and I'll produce a report for that area for you and all the other folks who are also interested.

Here's the long term trend of transactions in Gleannloch Farms over the past 7 years

Gleannloch - 7yr - to Mar2022

And here's the current snapshot of what's available, under contract, coming soon, and sold over the past 30 days.  The market activity is icking up.

As of this snapshot, there are 62 properties in play.  A month ago, there were 47.

Gleannloch - 30d to 2022-05-08

In most cases, the properties are selling for at or up to 4% over asking.  At these prices, that's a lot, but most are getting appraised at the higher value. 

Get under contract at the price that makes sense to you (have the data to know the market so you know you're not overpaying or over market by too much). 

Since most properties are appraising fine, negotiating a price decrease based on appraisal is unlikely.

As always, let me know of info you or your family & friends would like to see today. 

In this market, and always, be sure to use all the resources available to you so you can make the best possible decisions.

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